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TROA - Hearing Officer

TRSHO Special Hearing Electronic Filing System

The Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA) was signed in September of 2008. The TROA was negotiated pursuant to section 205 of the Truckee-Carson-Pyramid Lake Water Rights Settlement Act, Title II of Public Law 101-618, November 16, 1990.

For disputes arising under the TROA, section 2.B. of the TROA provides for dispute resolution mechanisms, including the appointment of a Special Hearing Officer (TRSHO), and the promulgation of procedural rules. Pursuant to section 2.B.2(b)(6), 2.B.3 and 2.C.4, the parties to any dispute bear their own costs and fees, including compensation of the Truckee River Special Hearing Officer for time spent on dispute resolution under these rules.

To initiate a case to resolve a dispute arising under TROA, it is advisable to review the TROA as well as the Procedural Rules for Disputes Arising Under the Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA Procedural Rules) (see links below).

The TRSHO has developed the TRSHO Electronic Filing System (TRSHO EFS) for the filing of select case types and the service of related documents as authorized by the TROA and TROA Procedural Rules. Users must register prior to using the TRSHO EFS and agree to the TRSHO EFS User Agreement (link below). It is recommended that Users also review the TRSHO EFS Standards & Frequently Asked Questions (see link below).

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Truckee River Operating Agreement

Procedural Rules for Disputes Arising Under TROA

TRSHO Electronic Filing System ("EFS") User Agreement

TRSHO Electronic Filing System Standards and Frequently Asked Questions

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